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Yap, Johal appointed to new critic roles

By Richmond Sentinel

Published 2:09 PDT, Thu September 10, 2020

Last Updated: 2:40 PDT, Thu September 10, 2020

Two of Richmond’s four MLAs have been named to new opposition critic roles.

BC Liberal leader Andrew Wilkinson today named Richmond-Steveston MLA John Yap as the party’s new opposition critic for arts and culture. He also named Richmond-Queensboro MLA Jas Johal the new opposition critic for economic development, competitiveness, trade and technology.

"I'm proud to be named as the official opposition critic for arts and culture and work together with my BC Liberal colleagues to make sure that our province's vibrant arts and cultural communities are supported during the COVID-19 crisis," said Yap. "I'll be continuing to advocate for the people here in Richmond-Steveston daily as well as ensuring that arts and culture don't disproportionately suffer in British Columbia as a result of the pandemic."

"John Yap has been a champion for his community for years, and I look forward to seeing him bring that same passion and dedication to the arts and culture file," added Wilkinson. "Our renewed direction has been shaped by conversations with thousands of British Columbians in every corner of the province as we developed ideas and solutions to help people, non-profits, and small businesses that are all struggling right now.”

Johal said he was anxious to assume his new role.

“BC has gone from having the lowest unemployment rate in Canada to being the third highest. I will push John Horgan and the NDP for a plan to create jobs, attract investment, leverage the fast-growing tech sector and diversify our economy,” he said.

"MLA Johal has been a key advocate on important issues and I have no doubt he will bring that same dedication to pushing the NDP government to develop a sensible economic strategy," said Wilkinson. "Our renewed direction has been formed by discussions with thousands of British Columbians as we developed solutions to help people, small businesses and non-profits that are struggling right now.”

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