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Uno Gelato takes flight at YVR

By Elizabeth Shushkovsky

Published 4:04 PDT, Thu July 4, 2019

Vancouver International Airport is the latest stop for a local gelato shop whose business is soaring.

Uno Gelato specializes in artisanal handcrafted Italian gelato and sorbetto and is quickly expanding its reach to gelato lovers across the Lower Mainland.

The business originally opened its Kitsilano location just last August and still serves as headquarters for producing Uno Gelato’s frozen desserts, all of which are made in five litre micro-batches before being transported to the rest of the locations multiple times a week.

“The most we can make per batch is five litres, but that means we can really get in there and make sure our products are top quality,” says Mike Raffan, the co-founder and managing partner of Uno Gelato. 

The batches follow the “farm-to-cone” philosophy, which utilizes the abundance of fresh, high-quality products we have here in Metro Vancouver and the Fraser Valley. Some of the company’s local partners include Avalon Dairy in the Fraser Valley for organic milk, Tesfa Farms in Langley for water buffalo milk, and Sweet Tree Ventures in Quesnel for B.C. birch syrup which is used as a natural sweetener. 

Since some products are not naturally grown in the Lower Mainland, Uno Gelato is forced to import them. These philosophically-sourced products, such as Israeli mangoes, are featured in some of its more popular flavours. The local produce can make for some wild flavours. Consider yourself lucky if you’ve gotten your hands on their water buffalo milk and lemon sorbet while it was still in stock. For traditional gelato lovers, classic flavours such as salted caramel and Midnight chocolate are often in circulation.

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