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The Richmond Sentinel is a community media organization that provides balanced and relevant news and information for residents of Richmond, British Columbia.

We seek to connect different groups within our municipality through features and human interest stories created by seasoned and award-winning journalists and photographers.

Our reporters use their full palette of skills to bring relevant, leading-edge stories to the people of our city.

When it comes to civic affairs, the paper seeks to show the reasons behind decisions and to empower the people of Richmond to make their voices heard.


  • To offer accurate, fair and relevant news for the people of Richmond.
  • To bridge divides, be they cultural, linguistic, generational or educational.
  • To offer stories that enrich compassion and understanding by telling the story behind the headline.
  • To broaden the community’s understanding of social, cultural, political, educational and economic issues.
  • To publish stories of Richmond’s Canadian Heritage and the members of our multi-cultural community.
  • To give the public and government a chance to explain themselves in their words.
  • To offer a venue for the public to share their ideas, stories and perspectives.



Each member of our team believes strongly that community media is a civic resource. Since being established in 2017, the Richmond Sentinel’s focus has been on the people of Richmond. By helping introduce each other through personal stories, we look to inspire and to serve as a conduit to a future we can all be proud of.

Sales and Marketing:

Our experienced sales and marketing team is pleased to work with local businesses and individuals to achieve their marketing objectives through Richmond Sentinel’s print and digital platforms.

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3071 No. 5 Road #200, Richmond, BC V6X 2T4

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Monday-Friday - 10:00 am - 05:00 pm

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