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Richmond schools look ahead to summer, September

As the regular school year draws to a close, plans turn to summer school and the restart of classes in September.

This is the last week of formal instruction for secondary schools, and elementary schools will end next week. But the COVID-19 pandemic has reset many regular plans.

Summer school programs will mostly be remote or online, said Richmond continuing education director Michael Khoo. But some programs for vulnerable learners will be offered in person. In-person courses will have a capacity of 12 to 14 students, depending on the classroom size, to ensure physical distancing.

“Some sites will have students and teachers, while some sites will only have teachers as students will be engaged remotely,” said Khoo.

The Richmond School District is waiting for instructions on a September return to school based on BC’s public health guidance, said superintendent Scott Robinson. There are two possible scenarios: full-time face to face instruction, or a hybrid model that includes remote learning.

While the district is planning for both, Robinson said they anticipate a provincial ministry decision by mid-August at the latest, and will communicate regularly with parents.

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