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City establishing land use zoning bylaws

By Richmond Sentinel

Published 10:54 PST, Wed November 25, 2020

Richmond is continuing its process to establish the underlying zoning for six of the 45 remaining land use contracts within the city.

Consistent with the Local Government Act, Richmond city council must consider bylaws to establish underlying zoning for the 45 remaining land use contracts (LUCs) including commercial, industrial, agricultural and multi-family properties by June 30, 2022, exactly two years before all LUCs in the province are terminated on June 30, 2024. Simply put, city council must have zoning in place so that when the LUCs are terminated, there is a set of zoning regulations for the affected properties.

Since 2017, Council has adopted underlying zoning bylaws for 24 LUCs applicable to properties in the city centre and east of No. 4 Road. 

Council has now given first reading to six underlying zoning bylaws for eight commercial and multi-family properties developed under the six LUCs in the Broadmoor area. These proposed bylaws are scheduled for consideration at the regular public hearing on Dec. 14, 2020. The proposed underlying zoning bylaws have generally been designed to reflect the specific regulations under each existing LUC to ensure that existing uses on the property continue to be permitted, while not providing for any additional development rights. 

A notice of public hearing will be sent to all affected property owners and tenants, in addition to surrounding property owners and tenants in early December. The notice will include details on how to participate in the public hearing process, if desired.

These remaining existing LUCs will continue to govern the use and development of the affected properties until their termination date in 2024, as established in the provincial Local Government Act.

Staff will bring forward underlying zoning bylaws for other remaining LUCs separately on the basis of their geographic area.

To learn more about land use contracts or see if your property is covered by a land use contract, go to More information is available by emailing or calling 604-204-8626.

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