Hitting the ball farther is closer than you think

By Keri Moffat

Published 11:16 PDT, Fri April 13, 2018

The concept of sequence, timing and how we use the ground can be difficult to understand ourselves, but it’s easy to see in other players.

When you watch a player like Adam Scott or Lexi Thompson you can see how effortless they make their swings look while still hitting the ball a long way.

However, recent conversations around vertical ground pressure has brought light to how these players maximize club head speeds.

Now with BODITRAK, a pressure sensing matt, we can collect relevant data in real-time about the interaction between a golfer and the ground.

Top of Backswing

Good players generally start to build pressure under their lead foot (left foot for right-handed players) as the backswing is ending.

This is something that I need to work on. The timing in the transition from my backswing to my down swing is a bit late and I’m not applying enough downward pressure into the ground and therefore losing distance.

Shaft Vertical on Downswing

One of the most important positions in determining your ability to hit the ball far is when the lead arm is parallel to the ground on the downswing.

At this point in the swing players should be pushing up from the ground with the lead foot at a fast speed.

Push down then up; the timing of this feeling is critical to clubhead speed.


Players should have most of their weight under their lead foot which will help to reach their maximum vertical pressure between the previous position and impact.

Making small changes in the way you relate to the ground and the timing in which you move through different positions throughout your swing can make a big difference to your overall clubhead speed.

Hitting the ball farther is closer than you think.

For help on how you can improve your sequence and timing book a BODITRAK session with us today by calling 604-276-0585.

•Keri Moffat is the 2011 PGA of BC teacher of the year and the University of British Columbia women’s golf team assistant coach.

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