Tournament honours Cat

By Don Fennell

Published 3:21 PDT, Thu May 10, 2018

Catherine Wheatley was fondly remembered last weekend at the girls’ softball tournament named in her honour.

Affectionately known as Cat, she was a former Richmond Islander player and coach who passed away at the age of 22.

Pink was Cat’s favour colour, and in recognition of this all three of the host Islander teams sported pink jerseys. Cat was also recognized during the medal ceremony with scholarships in her memory.

Last weekend’s tournament at Steveston-London Park saw Lakehill of Victoria top the round-robin standings at the U19B tournament, before being upset by South Delta Invaders in the playoffs. South Delta’s 2000 team topped its 2001 team in the final.

This weekend, Richmond is hosting an U16B tournament featuring 12 teams at Steveston-London. After a one-weekend break, the park will be busy again with the U16C and U12B tournaments, featuring eight and seven teams respectively.

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