Ravens’ season goes well beyond score

By Don Fennell

Published 12:42 PDT, Wed May 3, 2017

They refused to let the season end.

Proof that the disappointment of a game's result fades quickly, the Richmond Ravens sat in their dressing room swapping stories even as the clock approached midnight—two hours after their heartbreaking 2-1 loss to Tri Cities in the final of the provincial Bantam girls’ hockey championship March 23, at Richmond Ice Centre.

“The emotion changed from a disappointing result to the disappointment the season was over,” said Ravens’ coach Tony Lindsay. “They didn’t want to leave because they knew when they left the dressing room they were no longer a team.”

A veteran of the ice hockey wars, having coached the game for more than three decades, Lindsay said the bond this team enjoyed will remain his foremost memory. That’s beyond the Ravens’ dominant on-ice success in which they won league and playoff banners, three tournaments, and were ranked among the top three teams in the nation by much of the 2016-17 season.

“Everyone involved made sure it was a great season and experience and that’s what you hope for,” he continued. “We’re all competitive and we all want to win, but at the end of the day it can’t be at all costs. We try to do things the right way and create a good environment. When you get that right it’s pretty special. This is one of the closest knit teams I’ve ever coached and that contributed to it being so consistent. Last Friday, just before the start of the provincials, we sat down as a team and it was really emotional. The girls talked about how much they cared about each other and that came through strongly. It shows that sport goes far beyond the game and the score.”

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