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Summer Night Market pulls up stakes

By Martin van den Hemel

Published 5:01 PST, Wed January 10, 2018

All signs point to the Summer Night Market not returning this year, though organizer Paul Cheung couldn’t be reached for confirmation.

The Summer Night Market operated from May to October on a waterfront property in East Richmond behind the Home Depot on Bridgeport Road next to Knight Street.

But the site was cleared out on Jan. 4, with both the food court and washrooms removed.

The Summer Night Market’s website hasn’t recently been updated, and an attempt to buy tickets for the 2018 event leads to a “Page not found” message. The market’s Twitter page hasn’t been active since September 2017, and its Facebook page refers only to the Vancouver Chinese Lantern Festival at the PNE in Vancouver.

City of Richmond spokesperson Ted Townsend was unaware of whether the Summer Night Market had given the city any indications about its plans for 2018.

The Richmond Night Market, meanwhile, is poised to return this May, and is located next to the River Rock Casino Resort. In September, owner Raymond Cheung (no relation to Paul Cheung) received a three-year permit extension from the City of Richmond to continue to operate at that waterfront location next to the Bridgeport station of the Canada Line.

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