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Targeting retail theft with expanded strategic initiatives

By Richmond Sentinel

Published 2:20 PDT, Fri May 3, 2024

Richmond RCMP is intensifying strategic initiatives to combat retail theft, which significantly impacts local businesses and community safety. Reflecting our commitment to proactive policing and community engagement, we’ve expanded our successful ‘Boost & Bust’ operations beyond the Property Crime Unit to involve our frontline officers, ensuring a wider and more flexible response to Richmond’s commercial environments to ensure they remain secure and thriving.

For the 2023-2024 fiscal year, the ‘Boost & Bust’ operations have led to 59 arrests, with 43 persons from outside Richmond. The operations have not only disrupted repeat offenders but have also netted individuals with outstanding warrants for other criminal offenses, with merchandise valued at approximately $14,500 recovered.

Our expanded strategy enables frontline officers to take an increased proactive role in targeted patrols, particularly in high-risk areas. These initiatives are a testament to our dedication to adapt and innovate in our approach to public safety, ensuring that we address retail theft comprehensively.

Richmond RCMP PCU works collaboratively throughout the year with Loss Prevention Officers (LPOs) and community partners from various businesses to identify shoplifting trends or patterns. The LPOs play a key role in identifying alleged shoplifters during the operation and providing critical evidence, which results in arrests.

Chief Superintendent Dave Chauhan, Officer in Charge of Richmond RCMP emphasized, “Retail theft is a complex challenge with repercussions beyond the financial bottom line—it erodes the security and trust within our community. We are committed to innovating our response to this growing concern. Timely reporting from retailers is critical, and our enhanced presence on the front lines may prove to be a formidable deterrent.”

To report a crime in progress, call 9-1-1 or contact the police force in your area.

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