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Year of the Rat predictions

By Hannah Scott, Local Journalism Initiative reporter

Published 1:48 PST, Wed January 22, 2020

Calling the world “fraught with uncertainty,” Richmond-based feng shui master and fortune teller Sherman Tai provides extensive predictions for the coming Year of the Rat. 

For Canada, he predicts the Huawei incident will cause fluctuations in the economy. 

“The relationship between Canada and China is getting worse,” he says. “(But) Canada will strengthen economic and trade exchanges with the Asia-Pacific region.”

By reviewing past predications, Tai says he can accurately anticipate what happens in the coming year. 

Tai also warns that travellers need to be extra cautious if they plan to travel to China. He cites natural disasters like weather, earthquakes and flooding as things to watch for.

Tai says Canadians should remain aware of “natural and man-made disasters” like fire, burglary and traffic accidents.

“Although we will suffer from turmoil, trade wars, and currency wars in the year of Rat, we can see the light at the end of the tunnel and make justice prevail,” says Tai.

On a positive note, Tai says the stock and financial market in Hong Kong will remain stable this year. 

In general, he says on a global scale “there will be good and poor fortune, ups and downs.”

“You have to stay in your own position and do not act on impulse. Keep working hard and create a new chapter.” Tai has been working on feng shui for more than 30 years. For more detailed predictions, visit his website.

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