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By Florence Gordon

Published 11:25 PST, Fri February 2, 2024

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Chinese New Year traditions 

Chinese New Year, also known as the Lunar New Year marks the first day of the New Year in the Chinese traditional calendar that is determined by the location of the sun and the moon relative to the Earth. This is why, on the Western calendars, the date changes each year. In 2024, New Year celebrations are Feb. 9 to 15 . Each year is also represented by a different Zodiac animal (12 in total) and according to legend, these 12 animals participated in a race that determined their place of order in the Chinese calendar. In 2024, the dragon represents good fortune, prosperity and good luck.

Lucky Red Envelopes

At the Lunar New Year it’s tradition to give the gift of money in a bright red envelope to your family and friends.  It’s not the money it’s the red envelope that symbolizes prosperity and happiness for the coming year.


Lion and dragon performances are part of the festivities through out the Chinese New Year celebrations.

New Year’s Traditional Food

Dumplings are a Chinese recipe served New Years because it represents wealth.

Niangao Sweet Rice Cakes symbolizes hope for a better year ahead served specifically at New Year festivities.

Tangerines and oranges’ round shape and gold colour symbolizes prosperity and good fortune.

Families Celebrate Chinese New Year 

Homes and restaurants are decorated with lucky red lanterns.

Before COVID-19 families travelled to their homeland to pay respect to their elders and celebrate Chinese New Year.

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