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Rusty defies odds, finds a forever home

By Eyal Lichtmann

Published 3:33 PST, Mon January 7, 2019

Pets often come to us when their people move into care facilities or when they pass away. This is sad for everyone, of course, but for the animals, who do not understand what has happened, it can be particularly upsetting.

Having enjoyed a life of tranquility and predictability (which is something cats particularly thrive on), suddenly they are placed in an unfamiliar environment. So it is an especially happy ending when an animal who has had an experience like this lands in a new, happy and forever home.

Such is Rusty’s story…

Rusty was surrendered to the RAPS Animal Hospital by the daughter of a woman who had dementia and had to go into a care home. Rusty was not very happy coming to the cat sanctuary at first.

Who could blame him, being uprooted from the wonderful life he had for 14 years? He was very nervous, hid behind his drape and often greeted visitors to his cage with a hiss. It didn’t take long for Rusty to settle in and begin to trust us. Once he settled in, he showed himself to be an absolute love.

Rusty became very talkative and could frequently be found meowing at anyone nearby to come and sit with him. He adored human company. While most cats that come to RAPS at an advanced age settle in to the sanctuary because they are unlikely to be adopted, staff there thought that, despite being an older cat, Rusty might have a chance at finding a new family since he is such a very friendly guy (and oh so handsome). Rusty was transferred to the RAPS Animal Shelter to see if he could be adopted into a home for his golden years.

Once Rusty arrived at RAPS, he again settled in very quickly and immediately became a staff favourite. He got along great with the other cats and enjoyed socializing with visitors. Rusty was only at the shelter for about two weeks when his future mom fell in love with him. Before we knew it, Rusty was out the door with his new sister (Nova, a beautiful tortie cat who had come to the shelter just a few days before Rusty) and off to his forever home.

His mom reports that both cats are settling in well and she loves them very much! It is not often that a senior cat is adopted so quickly (let alone with another adult cat!) so this was a very happy moment for RAPS staff.

Rusty’s is such a happy story. To ensure more cats are safe and happy in the event of their person’s inability to care for them, RAPS has a contingency that allows people to plan for their pet’s care after they can no longer do so. Contact us for details.

And, of course, we also welcome everyone to sponsor a cat sanctuary resident ($25 a month—less than the price of a coffee per day—and tax deductible!). Sponsorship helps all cats have a happy new year!

Eyal Lichtmann is CEO and executive director of the Regional Animal Protection Society.

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