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In honour of our soldiers: Robert Bowcock

By Samuel Cheng

Published 11:33 PDT, Fri May 26, 2023

Last Updated: 11:34 PDT, Fri May 26, 2023

In a series of Richmond’s ‘poppy’ street signs in memory of our fallen soldiers, we share the story behind Bowcock Road.

Private Robert Spratt Bowcock was born in Trail, B.C. on March 1, 1925, where he lived until he was six years old when his family relocated to Richmond. Upon arrival, his parents opened and ran a store named “The Partners” on No. 5 Road. 

As a young boy, Bowcock attended Mitchell Elementary, a school that was founded in 1908. The school was named after one of the earliest pioneers of Richmond, Alex Mitchell. It currently holds the honor of the longest continuously operating school in Richmond. Following that, as a teenager Bowcock enrolled in Richmond High School and that is also where he acquired his high school diploma. 

He had actively attempted to join the army since the age of 16 before he was finally enlisted in a Vancouver regiment. In the January of 1943, he was transferred to the First Canadian Scottish Regiment upon his arrival overseas in England.

Bowcock was tragically killed on July 8, 1944 during the landings of Normandy. He fought bravely and courageously alongside 4,400 soldiers who also lost their lives during the invasion. The sacrifices that Bowcock made on the Allies front line and for Canada are immeasurable. 

Bowcock was survived by his parents, brother, and fiancée. In memory of Private Robert Bowcock, the name of a road was adopted in 1954 by the Richmond city council. Today, Bowcock Road can be found running to the north of Francis Road, horizontal between No. 3 Road and Garden City Road.

May the residents of Richmond forever remember the sacrifices that our veterans have made and treasure the piece of land we call “home”.

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