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Richmond Stories: CARHA Hockey World Cup

By Richmond Sentinel

Published 10:32 PDT, Tue March 14, 2023

An event that was originally scheduled for March of 2020, the CARHA Hockey World Cup is finally coming to Richmond March 19 to 26. Interviewer Jim Gordon spoke with CARHA’s Lucy Peeling, manager of special events and programming.

Jim Gordon (JG): Some of our viewers may not know of CARHA Hockey. This is quite an event coming to Richmond, could you give our viewers CARHA’s nearly 30-year history?

Lucy Peeling (LP): Absolutely, we’ve been around since 1975, we were previously COHA, then rebranded as CARHA Hockey World Cup basing it on an Olympic style event held every four years, giving teams the chance to save, because we have a lot of international representation. 

JG: This tournament includes 1500 adult recreational hockey players from Canada, the (United) States, Europe, and Asia. Can you explain what the energy will be like with a tournament of this magnitude?

LP: Absolutely, they really enjoy it all. We run an athlete’s village throughout the week at our hosts’ hotel, entertainment every night, we have an opening and closing ceremony. (There is also a) March of Athletes by country from the hotel to the Oval, so there’s so much more to the event. We have a group from Australia coming for the first time. 

JG: What does CARHA look for in a city when deciding where to host the (next) event?

LP: We’re grateful to all our partners in Richmond, the city, and Richmond Tourism for continuing to work with us, supporting the event, and wanting to bring the CARHA Hockey World Cup to your community. We’re very excited for everyone to experience what Richmond has to offer. For us, the facilities are world class, we’re looking for cities near airports and extra-curricular activities. There’s so much to experience from your dining to outdoor recreation, and there’s lots to do within Richmond and nearby. 

JG: During your long history, how have you managed to spread the word about this wonderful tournament to places that are not traditionally hockey locations?

LP: We’re very lucky (that) over the years we’ve held onto teams that have participated and return every four years. 

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