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City of Richmond opposes vaping advertising

By Richmond Sentinel

Published 12:53 PDT, Thu October 17, 2019

The advertising of vaping and vaping products will not be welcomed on city owned property in Richmond after council unanimously agreed to oppose any such promotion at its meeting earlier this week.

In response to growing concerns about the health risks of vaping, council supported a general policy to oppose the placement of vaping product advertising on sites and property owned or controlled by the city. That includes transit shelters and benches, and other street furniture.

“Vaping is not something to be ignored,” said Mayor Malcolm Brodie. “It is emerging as a serious health issue, and one that council feels is important to act upon. People are experiencing major health complications due to vaping, so by opposing the advertising of such products we are taking action to reduce access to the marketing and campaigns that entice users.”

As many as 18 deaths in the United States have been attributed to lung illness linked to e‑cigarettes and other vaping products according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Several reports of serious vaping-related illness are also being investigated in this country.

“With one vaping cartridge potentially containing as much nicotine as an entire pack of cigarettes, opposing the advertising of vaping products on city property is appropriate and in the public interest,” added Brodie. “This approach promotes public health and draws attention to the serious health risks associated with vaping, particularly for youth and minors who are often the target of such advertising.”

The City of Richmond will now reach out to the organizations involved in advertising on city owned property to make them aware of the policy.

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