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Tell us what you treasure

By Lorraine Graves

Published 1:23 PST, Wed March 6, 2019

What do you think should be preserved? What do you treasure in Richmond? People at city hall want to know. If you feel bad about our heritage being lost, here is your chance to say what should be saved.

The city is currently reviewing and updating its heritage inventory; the list of things we should keep, and keep up, in our municipality.

According to city spokesperson, Ted Townsend, “The goal is to contribute to the celebration of the city's heritage which strengthens a sense of place and enhances Richmond's distinct identity.”

“There are many reasons to include a building, landscape or structure on the heritage inventory,” he says.

Those reasons include a host of concepts, places and things, according to Townsend, “It can be meaningful to a particular era, community, institution, person, event or tradition; it is important in the historic development of a neighbourhood or the City; or because of its design, architecture, uniqueness, rarity and quality of construction.”

All submissions must be received before March 24. You have options for how to submit:

-Visit This is the preferred method, providing information, a mapping tool people can use to mark the location of their suggestion in addition to describing it, an online nomination form and a Question and Answer section


-Mail or drop off to Arts, Culture and Heritage Dept, City of Richmond, 6911 No. 3 Road, Richmond, BC V6Y 2C1.

Suggestions received will be evaluated against a set of criteria using the Heritage Evaluation Review process. Those that are eligible for inclusion will be presented to council for consideration.

Townsend says, “Sites may include buildings, engineering works, natural sites and more. The site (you nominate) could be a place that demonstrates or provides a tangible link to Richmond's heritage and past, no matter how modest or grand and contributes to a sense of place for residents in our city.”

“There are currently over 90 sites listed on Richmond's heritage inventory and there could be more not currently identified,” he says.

This is the public’s chance to identify what they find valuable.

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