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TV veteran diversifying career

By Jim Gordon and Leeta Liepins

Published 2:13 PST, Thu November 10, 2022

With more than 23 years of on-air experience, television veteran Dawn Chubai has hosted cooking and real estate shows with over 35,000 hours of live television in major markets. 

Chubai has been a weather presenter, news anchor, reporter, producer, digital photographer, storyteller, and actress. She also teaches on-camera media preparation and is currently a host and salesperson with Canadian shopping network Today’s Shopping Choice (formerly The Shopping Channel). The Our City Tonight team recently spoke with Chubai about her career.

Our City Tonight: As a media person you have diversified your career—a very smart move, as today we often see friends being let go from longtime media jobs and there’s nowhere else to go.

Dawn Chubai: The one thing I’ve done—and I’m pretty proud of myself for doing this—I asked myself early on what will I do when I’m unable to be directly on-air, especially as a woman working in traditional broadcasting. I have to say, I’ve been fortunate that all the places I’ve worked at, this has not been a problem. When I started my media training business, I thought this could be the career that would take me further when my personal talent is no longer valued or welcomed. This would allow me to continue by helping others in the business. I can help the younger version of me, or a business owner who wants on-camera experience. I’m very proud of myself for taking that step as it allowed me to pursue my other passions like singing, acting, and creating digital content. Now that I’m working at The Shopping Channel, this is a great way for me to tap into my on-camera skills and to learn a new skill, selling. I really feel it’s the coolest job ever.

OCT: On-camera and sales (is) an interesting concept; tell us how you balance those two jobs.

DC: As an on-camera salesperson for The Shopping Channel, you are still selling products but you also have a responsibility of being an advocate for the consumer. Not everything can be your favourite, but there is something for absolutely everyone. It is a fine balance to being that advocate for the shopper while also hitting your targets. It’s all about sharing the features and benefits of the products and explaining how these products can meet your needs through the lens of a camera. That’s where feedback from people through social media has been such a great resource for The Shopping Channel. Now we can get instant feedback through a direct message to inform us as to whether consumers love it or hate it. Viewers can ask me what I’m wearing or what size I am. Of course, you are an open book where I work and that’s only to the benefit of our customers.

OCT: (You are) a spectacular singer and you’ve worked with some great musicians including Dal Richards. Do you still get a chance to get out and sing?

DC: I didn’t really perform in Ontario at all; it just wasn’t something that was possible. I’m not closing the door here in Vancouver. I love performing and if there’s an opportunity to do that, you never know.

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Jim Gordon and Leeta Liepins are contributing writers to the Richmond Sentinel.

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