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Two arrested following alleged thefts from vehicles, subsequent offences

By Richmond Sentinel

Published 3:45 PDT, Tue June 14, 2022

Richmond RCMP arrested two Vancouver men last month after alleged thefts from vehicles.

The two men, aged 34 and 38, were arrested on May 18. Police believe the pair may be involved with additional crimes in other municipalities.

During the last several months, several vehicles in the Steveston area have had their contents stolen. These vehicles were mostly left unlocked. Items inside garages were also stolen, including bikes or tools, and homes with adjoining garages were unlawfully entered through the use of stolen garage remotes.

Police say this is not a novel type of crime. Below are some tips to ensure you are not a victim of crime:

  • If your vehicle is not equipped with auto-arming door locks, make sure it is locked and secured when exiting. Thieves will try door handles. For criminals, finding an unlocked door is akin to pulling on a slot machine handle and coming up with a match. The jackpot is even sweeter for them when a wallet, purse, laptop, or other electronic item is found.
  • Garage door remotes should be removed from your vehicle, especially when parked in front of your residence. If a criminal obtains your garage door remote, it is synonymous with leaving your house keys under the welcome mat.
  • Leave no valuables in plain sight inside your vehicle. If you can see it, so can the criminals. Even if your car is locked, it would take fewer than 15 seconds to break the glass and to reach in. If there is nothing to see, there is nothing to steal.
  • Report any suspicious activity to police immediately. 

Anyone who may have witnessed these incidents or who has information regarding this file is asked to call Richmond RCMP at 604-278-1212. Should you wish to remain anonymous, contact Crimestoppers by phone at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477) or visit them online at

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