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Candidates share priorities as they seek council seat



Born in Hong Kong and a resident of Richmond since 1986, Hale speaks several languages including English, Punjabi, Hindi, Urdu, Cantonese and Mandarin. 

Council goals:

• Advocate for more affordable housing to meet rapid growth

• Protect farmland from turning into urban sprawl

• Enforce national care and accessibility for seniors long-term care

• Eliminate hospital parking fee for patients accessing health care

• Keep public school system well funded and safe

• Push Ottawa to address birth tourism

• Arts and culture funding to support community integration and social values


Richmond Community and Education Party

A lifelong Richmond resident, Hamaguchi’s career has been focused on helping others (including people with autism/developmental disabilities) as well being a long-time community participant and sports advocate. He is currently a trustee in the Richmond School District and former board chair.

Council goals:

• More affordable housing

• Lower taxes

• Support for small businesses

• Making the city safer

• Protecting the environment and farmland

• Effective policies that promote equity, anti-racism and support for the LGBTQ/BIPOC community

• More mental health services

• Properly funded police/fire services

• Improvements to city infrastructures (water and sewer, energy management, dike system)

• Advocate to the province to keep commitments for tunnel replacement and hospital expansion


Richmond Community Coalition Association

Immigrating to Richmond from Hong Kong in 1997, Ho has worked for 20 years in the financial services industry. He was elected to school board in 2014, and during his time on the district board introduced a financial literacy program for students.

Council goals:

• Help small businesses get on their feet

• Make life affordable for Richmond residents

• Cut back on “image projects”

• Keep property taxes low

• Accelerate access to affordable housing

• Advocate for anti-racism policies

• Co-ordinate policing on organized crime

• Eliminate parking fees at Richmond Hospital

• Increase mental health services



A long-time local businessman, Ho is owner of Kam Do Bakery.

Council goals:

• No property tax increases for three years

• No city vacancy tax

• Hire 50 new RCMP officers

• Increase building height restrictions to help increase density

• Add 30,000 affordable housing units in four years

• Increase city staffing levels by 10 per cent

• Establish a Richmond national university

• Dental services and Chinese medical for seniors

• Environmental and agricultural land protections

• Committee for artificial intelligence, logistics and education export



Growing up in Richmond, Hobbs is a retired Vancouver Police Department superintendent who spent 35 years with the department. He has volunteered on numerous community boards and is currently chair of the Britannia Heritage Shipyards Society.

Council goals:

• Community safety with a focus on community policing

• Financial accountability and sustainability

• Make more family-oriented housing options available

• Food security, farmland and the agricultural land reserve

• Establish a COVID-19 relief grant for small businesses

Jennifer Huang


A 25-year resident of Richmond, Huang has 35 years of experience working with airline, pharmaceutical and broadcasting companies.

Council goals:

• Improve job opportunities and training 

• Providing more affordable housing

• Stop wasting resources

• Ensure people’s right to clean food, drink and proper medical care

• Promote green transportation and preserve green spaces

• Improve traffic safety and upgrade fire safety

• Work to increase multicultural harmony



An activist for housing justice and seniors services, Lee is an interpreter/translator by profession.

Council goals:

• Critical review of police spending

• Food security

• Progressive wealth taxation

• Linguistic access to public services

• Decriminalization of sex work

• Rental housing

• Accessibility in private developments

• Transit and bikes



A Richmond resident since 1982, Page has experience as a journalist covering issues that face the city.

Council goals:

• To see mixed income communities return to Richmond, starting with the downtown core

• Affordable options for families wanting to save for a home

• Making it possible for seniors and those on fixed income to have nearby access to services and amenities

• Stronger bylaws, enforcement and police funding to eliminate exploitive and criminal elements



A passionate community advocate, Reid has 20 years of sales and marketing experience in the hospitality and tourism industries.

Council goals:

• Implement rental zoning powers to create equitable housing strategies

• Support small business by expanding opportunities to use outdoor and unconventional spaces

• Develop an anti-racist policy to ensure all city services delivered fairly and without discrimination

• Ensure property taxes and affordable through responsible use of public funds

• Champion sustainability while creating a thriving urban core by reducing emissions and protecting the agricultural land reserve and food security



A retired McGill adjunct professor, Roston is founder of the Richmond Rental Housing Advocacy Group, a member of Richmond Farm Watch and a keen
advocate for the use of electric vehicles as founder of Plug-In Richmond.

Council goals:

• Prioritize climate change adaptation and improve air quality by raising dikes, preserving trees and encouraging emission reduction

• Promote inclusive and multi-lingual city services

• Reduce excessive tax increases

• Increase new rental housing significantly

• Adopt programs to assist small businesses

• Preserve farmland and promote locally produced food

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