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Richmond Mayor, MLAs and MPs salute Caring Place on its 25th

By Your elected officials

Published 1:27 PDT, Fri May 31, 2019

On behalf of City Council and residents of Richmond, it is my pleasure to extend sincere congratulations to the Richmond Caring Place on their 25th anniversary.

In 1985, the Richmond Community Services Centre Society was founded to raise the capital funds to construct the Richmond Caring Place, located on Minoru Boulevard.

With the support of local businesses, government and the people of Richmond, the Richmond Caring Place was successfully completed in 1994. At that time, Richmond Caring Place Society (RCPS) was formed.

The Richmond Caring Place is a purpose-built facility that provides managed office space for various volunteer-based charitable organizations. With its much-needed services, The Richmond Caring Place Society continues to thrive and play a significant leadership role in our multicultural community. We are very appreciative of the invaluable services you have offered to the residents of Richmond.

As Mayor of the City of Richmond, I take pride in the remarkable multicultural community within our city, and believe that it creates mutual respect and generates understanding of the different values and traditions that make up a diverse cultural heritage.

Please accept my best wishes for a successful 25th anniversary, and for success in the years to come.

Malcolm D. Brodie


City of Richmond

Please accept my heartfelt congratulations on the 25th anniversary of The Richmond Caring Place.

The Richmond Caring Place opened in 1994 with the purpose of housing not-for-profit health and social service agencies serving Richmond, where they could share services, program and meeting space. The concept was ahead of its time and has proven to be so very successful!

Thank you to all those dedicated community business leaders, the major donors and the construction companies who came together to make this unique business model such a huge success.

Linda Reid, MLA

Richmond South Centre

It is with pleasure to give my warmest congratulations to Caring Place on its 25th anniversary.

As Member of the Legislative Assembly for Richmond North Centre, celebrating special occasions with community organizations, such as yours, is one of the most pleasant tasks I have. Your tireless efforts are recognized and deeply appreciated by all those who have benefited from your many endeavours.

Please accept my sincerest appreciation for all you have done to make our community and the Province of British Columbia the greatest places on earth to live, work, play and raise families.

Teresa Wat, MLA

Richmond North Centre

As the Member of the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia for Richmond-Steveston I am pleased to extend my warmest congratulations and welcome to all attending this auspicious 25th anniversary of Richmond Caring Place Society (RCPS).

Twenty-five years ago RCPS completed a new model, the first of its kind in North America, of serving the community by providing a purpose-built and multi-use facility with centrally managed office spaces for charitable organizations, as well as assisting in delivering their unique services to Richmond residents.

With all the successes Caring Place has achieved over the past quarter of a century, we should commend all the directors and volunteers, past and present, for their dedicated efforts and time that help this valuable organization fulfill its vision and mission.

Please accept my best wishes for your continued success and prosperity for another 25 years.

John Yap, MLA


It is my pleasure to extend my warmest congratulations to the Richmond Caring Place Society as they celebrate 25 years of service to our residents.

Richmond Caring Place provides first-class commercial office and meeting space exclusively for non-profit agencies. But its real purpose is to support people in crisis, raise awareness, and speak for those in need. Currently home to 12 non-profit agencies, Caring Place provides clients with an array of services all under one roof, with the collective goal of providing desperately-needed assistance to our residents.

Congratulations to all the staff and volunteers at the Richmond Caring Place Society on reaching this special milestone, and thank you for your dedication to our community.

Joe Peschisolido

Member of Parliament

Steveston-Richmond East

I am delighted to extend my warmest greetings to the Richmond Caring Place on the occasion of your 25th anniversary.

Since 1985, your facility has been dedicated in providing a superior, affordable facility to assist as many social agencies as possible in serving the community. This is indeed a momentous milestone in your facility’s history.

Richmond is one of the most ethnically diverse cities in the country. Your efforts have helped to build our cultural mosaic of many different colours, backgrounds and traditions. It is something that all Canadians are proud to claim as part of our nation’s spirit. Your many services move Richmond and Canada forward, ever closer to becoming the best possible city and country that they can be.

As the Member of Parliament for Richmond Centre, I would like to applaud Richmond Caring Place Society for their quarter century of service to our city. Please accept my best wishes for a wonderful celebration and may the next quarter century bring even more prosperity and success to your society.

Alice Wong

Member of Parliament

Richmond Centre

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