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Education Week celebrations virtual this year

By Hannah Scott, Local Journalism Initiative reporter

Published 3:50 PST, Mon February 22, 2021

The Richmond school district is celebrating Education Week, a chance to share the exciting things happening in schools around the city.

While the focus continues to be on student success through the curriculum and strategic plan, the delivery is different this year: everything is being presented online rather than in-person. 

“This year compared to other years, we would have really helped pique the interest of our students, who are the focus of our Education Week, and of course the rest of the community,” says trustee Richard Lee. “But for the students, the fact that it’s virtual I think will make more students interested.”

The week kicks off tonight with a “junior board meeting” that will bring trustees and students together via Zoom. Trustees will be able to move between breakout rooms to ask students what they find challenging about school this year, what they enjoy most about school and what they would change if they could.

“I’m looking forward to, for the first time, being able to go (between) focus rooms and get a firsthand feel of how our students are, even if it’s for only 15 or 20 minutes each,” says Lee.

Throughout the week, the following themes will be highlighted: learning through inquiry, global citizenship and sustainability, learning through the arts, Indigenous perspectives, and equitable and inclusive learning communities.

Lee says the changed format allows even more people to participate and engage in the activities.

“Some people see it as a disadvantage to go virtual, I see it as our strength that we would be able to get more people to come and participate,” says Lee. 

To see highlights from Richmond schools on the Education Week site, click here.

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