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Reid poised to make history as longest-serving MLA

By Don Fennell

Published 12:08 PDT, Wed May 10, 2017

While the final numbers were still being added up Tuesday following the provincial election, Linda Reid was on the verge of making political history.

With 49.5 per cent of the votes after 82 of 87 ballot boxes reported, Reid was poised to be elected the MLA in the newly-created Richmond South Centre riding. That would be the seventh consecutive term for the Liberal candidate who represented the former Richmond East riding in the previous six legislative assemblies. With her election in 2013, Reid tied former Social Credit member Grace McCarthy as the longest-serving MLA in B.C. political history.

“It’s an amazingly exhilarating feeling,” said Reid. “I absolutely love the work. I say to people I want to be your MLA, I want very much to continue the work on affordable housing, strengthening schools in our province, and the fact we have a world-leading education system. As a former teacher these things speak to me.”

Reid said she never took a single vote for granted, returning every phone call before leaving her campaign office each night.

“I think they’re (voters) looking for resilience but also for continuity and stability,” she said. “I’ve done my absolute best over all these years to deliver.”

Reid stressed her team of volunteers also deserves to be recognized. she said “no one ever does this work alone and I had a tremendously gifted campaign team. We got out every possible vote.”

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