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Passion exceeds academic pressures

By Laura Priestley

Published 2:49 PDT, Fri June 2, 2017

Last Updated: 2:12 PDT, Wed May 12, 2021

Richmond’s Samantha Chan, though only 17, takes photographs most adults would envy. Chan uses social media to her advantage, connecting with other influencers through Instagram. Her web portfolio showcases her talent.

With her interest in all the arts, Chan has been overjoyed shooting for magazines such as Local Wolves and The Kit Compact. Working with local, up-and-coming actors; brands such as Happy Socks and Hoaka Swimwear, just to name a few.

Chan delights in hearing other creative people and entrepreneurs tell their stories, especially those whose careers started from nothing. When asked why she chose photography, Chan explained that with an interest in many art forms, ranging from design to fashion, her creative eye came naturally. Her experiences have fueled her passion for photography.

Living in the Lower Mainland, Chan faces competition from more experienced photographers, so Chan advises, “Keep practising as an artist, keep bettering your craft, not perfecting it but growing as an artist, growing as a person, breaking those barriers and stereotypes.”

Chan plans to attend Emily Carr University in the fall for graphic design, getting her one step closer to becoming an art director of a magazine or fashion label, while combining her many interests.

With graduation around the corner, Chan felt pressure to go into the sciences and business like many of her peers. “Don’t be pressured into going into something you don’t want to do. In the end you only have one life, you want to do something that makes you happy, that you’re passionate about,” she advises. Staying true to herself—not being influenced by her peers—Chan took the time to discover her passion. “There’s really no rush. In the end you’re going to be really thankful that you took your time thinking about what you want to do.”

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