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CARHA Hockey World Cup comes to Richmond

By Matthew Cheung

Published 12:09 PDT, Mon March 13, 2023

Known as Mr. Sport, Councillor Bill McNulty sat down with interviewer Jim Gordon to discuss the upcoming CARHA Hockey World Cup event. 

Jim Gordon (JG): This is quite an achievement for the City of Richmond. Originally the CARHA Hockey World Cup was supposed to be here in March of 2020. 

Bill McNulty (BM): It’s fantastic when you get an event that bodes well for the community in many tangible and intangible ways. When I look at the event from an economic point of view, we’re talking 10,500 room nights in our hotels and I would think that it would generate revenue in the neighbourhood of $10-12 million for that week. 

JG: There will be 1500 participants coming from Canada, the United States, Asia, and Europe (10 countries & 100 teams). You talked about the intangibles of this event, is the city geared for this? Do most people of Richmond know this event is coming?

BM: I think the city can handle it, from the fast-food groups to some of the amenities that players and supporters will visit. Also, the fact that the (teams) are in walking distance to the Oval, people driving by (will wonder) “what’s going on?” That’s what builds spirit in the community. 

JG: Richmond won the CARHA bid in 2017, when the city gets an (event of this size), how much of an impact does a competition like this have?

BM: It bodes well for us to utilize the facilities that we already have and will bring something that will radiate within the community. I’m looking forward to not only the dropping of the puck, but the presenting of the challenge trophy at the end. It’s truly an international event. 

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