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Travel expert shares great winter escape

By Jim Gordon and Leeta Liepins

Published 3:00 PST, Fri January 20, 2023

Many people are enthusiastically but cautiously travelling again. The Our City Tonight team recently spoke to travel expert, executive producer, director, and writer Michaela Guzy, who shared tips for sustainable travel. Guzy is a human connection expert and the founder of Oh The People You Meet, a global collective of creators that focuses on people, places, and purposes.

Our City Tonight (OCT): Fiji Airways just launched a non-stop flight from Vancouver (International Airport) to Fiji. Tell us more about this great getaway.

Michaela Guzy (MG): There is a new flight available that just started on Nov. 25 and leaves from Vancouver (International Airport) non-stop to Nadi, Fiji twice a week on Mondays and Fridays. (People can) fly directly to those white, sandy, and remote beaches with great nature escapes; climb through caves while hiking; and even swim with sharks in crystal clear blue waters. I’m always excited to immerse myself in local culture. There are so many wonderful ways to experience Fijian traditions.

OCT: One of the areas you focus on is sustainable travel, and more people are looking for this. It can be described as “conscious travel” in which travellers want to know that they’re helping the environment and that their dollars are going to the right people—in this case, to the locals and to ultimately help the community prosper.

MG: I just had the Minister of Tourism for Fiji on my podcast and he shared that for every 20 travellers that come to Fiji, it results in creating one job for a local Fijian. So, this sustainable job development is truly going back to the local people and helping support their economy. Fiji is one of those places that has a very rich and vibrant local culture; they are very community-focused. Some of the traditions I was alluding to before include drinking the traditional kava and eating from the underground lovo pit (“lovo” means “feast cooked in the earth”), which is their buried traditional cooking method.

OCT: Tell us what one can expect on this non-stop flight to Fiji.

MG: It’s just over 11 hours on this non-stop flight—that’s like two movies, a meal, and a nap, and then you’re in paradise.

OCT: What (can) people experience once they’re in Fiji?

MG: I haven’t been yet, and this will be my 113th passport stamp when I go this February. Fiji has something for every type of traveller, whether you’re a family, a couple, or a wellness guru. Fiji has hotel offerings and experiences that can fit every budget level. When I go to film my show Oh The People You Meet, I’m going to be staying at some eco chic boutique hotels and I can’t wait to check these out. I will also be immersing myself in the traditional Fijian cultures.

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Jim Gordon and Leeta Liepins are contributing writers to the Richmond Sentinel.

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