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Local mosque welcoming visitors during Doors Open

By Hannah Scott

Published 2:29 PDT, Fri May 27, 2022

In early June, Richmond Jamia Mosque will welcome people for Doors Open as one of 35 participating sites across the city.

“We have participated in the Doors Open Richmond events many times previously, and found them to be quite enjoyable and beneficial,” says the mosque’s secretary and acting chair Omar Khan. “We are a welcoming community, so we are always pleased to host visitors—many of whom have never previously stepped inside a mosque—who seek to objectively learn about our faith, practices, and culture, and to meet members of the Muslim community.”

While Doors Open adopted a virtual format in the last couple of years, this year’s event includes opportunities for in-person connection. Khan says the in-person format provides a good meet-and-greet opportunity, as well as allowing a showcase of the Muslim faith through mosque tours, exhibits, presentations, and conversations.

“It also enables us to demonstrate our religious practices in a live setting, to answer questions in-person, and also to try and dispel some of the misconceptions people may have about our faith, which we feel is often misrepresented and unfairly characterized in the media,” he adds.

People can visit Richmond Jamia Mosque (located at Blundell and No. 5 roads) during Doors Open on June 4 and 5. 

“We will be offering mosque tours and hope to provide the public with an insight into our core beliefs,” says Khan. “This will be done through a poster exhibit, multimedia presentations, and also live demonstrations of the Call to Prayer ("Adhaan") and ritual prayers. We will be offering henna painting, Arabic calligraphy art, (and an) opportunity to try out different hijab styles and speak to members of the Muslim community, while enjoying complimentary refreshments.”

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