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Incumbent MLAs return in Richmond, but Richmond-Queensborough race a photo finish

By Martin van den Hemel

Published 12:05 PDT, Wed May 10, 2017

Just 90 minutes after ballots closed, it appeared like a Liberal wave had again crossed Richmond.

But while Linda Reid, John Yap and Teresa Wat all held comfortable leads after all ballot boxes reported in their respective ridings of Richmond South Centre, Richmond-Steveston and Richmond North Centre, the same couldn’t be said for fellow Liberal, former TV reporter and MLA hopeful Jas Johal in the new riding of Richmond-Queensborough.

With 68 of 68 ballot boxes reporting, he held a mere 175 vote lead over NDP’s Aman Singh.

And with absentee votes and advanced votes not yet completed, the final results may not be known well into Wednesday.

The same uncertain lies with the Liberals and NDP. 44 seats are necessary to form government, and with the Liberals leading in 41 ridings, and leading in two others as of midnight Tuesday, a minority government is a distinct possibility with the Green Party holding the balance of power, having elected two MLAs and one leading.

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