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Raising funds, raising awareness

By Lorraine Graves

Published 4:19 PDT, Fri May 19, 2017

Scientists and art lovers joined forces at the fifth annual Arthritis Research Canada Soirée on Thursday, May 18 at the Hotel Vancouver’s Roof room to raise a record-setting $390,000.

The money allows for even more ground-breaking research at the Richmond headquartered facility.

ARC’s research has led to breakthroughs in arthritis treatment that now prevents not only pain and joint damage but also saves lives.

Some of ARC’s breakthroughs have been in educating patients and doctors alike in new methods, attitudes, and treatments to keep diseased joints limber, patients productive in the workforce and living longer.

Dr. John Esdaile, scientific director, noted the big breakthrough this year was ARC’s discovery of how to prevent the deaths caused by rheumatoid arthritis.

“We can give back that 10 years of life they used to lose to RA,” said Esdaile. “Our goal though, is a cure for arthritis.”

Affecting 5.2 million Canadians, arthritis is the major disabler of adults yet receives only three percent of Canada’s research dollars. Evenings like the ARC Soirée seek to change the tide, increasing funding for arthritis research, saving joints and saving lives.

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