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Learning with no limits

By Ahmad Ali Jaffer

Published 2:59 PDT, Fri June 2, 2017

School is a place where people come together, to better their understanding of the world.

The world we live in is rapidly changing as technology evolves and our understanding progresses.

The SKY program is an option that gives students the opportunity to follow their passions and create work that interests them. The program is hosted by the district’s distributed learning school—Richmond Virtual School, or RVS for short. It runs over 50 classes, and provides students with a hybrid of online learning, with face-to-face interaction.

For SKY students, technology plays an important role in the way they work. Access to tools like computers, cameras, and 3D printers, as well as software that allows them to create innovative projects is provided.

Students attend the SKY program every second day, and the time they spend there is much less structured than a traditional setting.

Setting goals, coming up with projects, and communicating with teachers and mentors is a daily routine. This allows each student to create their own experience, which is meaningful to them. Additionally, they participate in many more learning opportunities outside the classroom such as outdoor trips, seminars, and a work experience that exposes them to future career options.

A program such as SKY is much more suited to the ever-developing technological era we are in than the typical education system.

The norm at school is such that we try to learn new things in a classroom under the strict guidance of a teacher. However, SKY puts an emphasis on learning things we can actually apply in our lives.

When it comes to SKY, the options are endless, and as the motto states, there are “no limits”. Students are encouraged to push the boundaries, think outside the box, and explore new and innovative ideas.

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