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Freeland won't say if U.S. wants border agreement extended beyond June 21

By The Canadian Press

Published 11:05 PDT, Fri May 15, 2020

WASHINGTON — Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland says Canada's mutual border agreement with the United States is working well, but she won't say if Canada's largest trading partner is pushing to extend the deal beyond June 21.

Media reports suggest the U.S. wants to impose an indefinite timeline on existing border restrictions, but it's not clear if that pertains to the ban on non-essential travel or is specifically aimed at curtailing immigration.

Freeland refuses to discuss the details of ongoing talks with the U.S., beyond saying they are cordial and constructive.

She does note, however, that both sides have been satisfied so far with the existing agreement, which permits trade, commerce and essential workers to continue to cross over and is likely to be extended into next month.

Freeland also says any decisions regarding the Canadian side of the border will be made by Canadians.

She says both Canada and the U.S. feel "very comfortable" with the fact that essential travel has been allowed to continue.

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