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Library’s unsung hero delivers good news

By The Canadian Press

Published 12:51 PDT, Fri October 18, 2019

In many ways, Haile is the face of the Richmond Public Library.

As the main driver, he’s out and about in the community every day, delivering books from branch to branch as an important cog in the library network.

“Along with some of our special volunteers, Haile delivers books and reading materials to our most isolated and home-bound residents who can’t make it into the library,” says chief librarian Susan Walters. “And always with a smile and a wave.”

How would you describe your role at the library?

“I am the primary driver delivering books and supplies to all the branches. I assist with the building maintenance from time to time.”

How did you come to find yourself in this role? 

“I was drawn to RPL because I wanted to work for an organization that provides an important services to the community.”

What interests/inspires you most about your role? What do you like the most about what you do?

“I like meeting the regular staff and public over the years and seeing how the library helps improve and change lives.”

How do you feel you and your role most benefit the community?

“I feel my role most benefits the community by providing them access to information, community services and a safe welcoming environment for everyone.”

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