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Former Tory MP Tony Clement named director of Conservative fundraising board: sources

By The Canadian Press

Published 12:45 PDT, Thu September 15, 2022

Sources say Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre has appointed former member of Parliament Tony Clement to serve on the board of the federal party's main fundraising arm.

Multiple sources confirmed Clement's appointment to The Canadian Press, following Poilievre's landslide victory in the party's leadership election on the weekend. 

Poilievre is moving to install some of his own picks for key positions inside the party as he transitions into the Opposition leader's office. 

Clement was a former cabinet minister under Conservative prime minister Stephen Harper and recently raised money for Poilievre during his successful leadership run. 

In 2018, then-party leader Andrew Scheer asked Clement to leave caucus after being made aware of allegations of sexual impropriety against the former MP. 

Those allegations came soon after Clement's admission he sent sexually explicit images and a video to a person he thought was a consenting woman — an interaction that turned out to be an extortion attempt. 

Clement referred questions about his appointment to the Conservative Fund Canada to a party spokesman, who did not immediately answer a request for comment. 

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