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Detective says metal rod found in garbage at Edmonton hotel where Cindy Gladue died

By The Canadian Press

Published 3:14 PST, Tue January 12, 2021

EDMONTON — A detective has told a jury that Edmonton police found a metal rod in the garbage collected at the city hotel where Cindy Gladue's body was found in June 2011.

Det. Nancy Ho has testified at the manslaughter trial of Bradley Barton, a 52-year-old long-haul truck driver from Ontario who is accused of killing Gladue after a night of drinking. 

Ho says police found the rod with a face towel that appeared to have bloodstains on it while searching the garbage at the Yellowhead Inn, where the 36-year-old mother of three bled to death.  

On Monday, Crown prosecutor Julie Snowdon said in her opening statement that an autopsy found Gladue died from blood loss due to a catastrophic and unusual wound in her vagina wall. 

Ho says police also found a note in the room that had "Brad" along with a room number and a phone number that had an Ontario area code. 

The trial is to last about seven weeks.

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